Key Energy 2017: KeySolar & Storage

by Cristiano Ghidotti from Greenstyle

By 2030 in the European Union 50% of electricity production will be generated from renewable sources. In order to achieve this goal, a joint effort by all the countries of the Old Continent, including Italy is required. It is therefore vitally important to organize events where industry players can meet and discuss.

This will happen in Rimini in November (more precisely from 7 to 10) at Key Energy, which this year will host an area dedicated exclusively to photovoltaic and energy storage systems, called KeySolar & Storage. This initiative aims at collecting in some way the legacy of SolarExpo, an event postponed last year because of applications below expectations.

It will not only deal with power production plants but also, as anticipated, with storage systems (about 6,000 of which have been installed throughout Italy during 2016). The batteries will be able to store the energy produced during the daytime and then provide it to users when it becomes necessary. The technological evolution of the cells will help to improve the efficiency, capacity, and to reduce the price to the buyer.
KeySolar & Storage will represent a national (and not only) appointment for all those interested in exploring the opportunities of solar, photovoltaic, wind energy and the exploitation of other clean sources.
There will be conferences and seminars attended by prominent names in the field, to make the point on the route taken and present a course of action for the future. The fact that the World Bank has placed Italy among the Top 10 global countries (namely eighth) with regard to strategies related to renewable does not mean that there is no more work to do. This will be discussed in November in Rimini.

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