PV EU: encouraging signals for Italy, France e Germany

by Cristiano Ghidotti from GreenStyle

During 2016 new photovoltaic plants with a total capacity of 76.1 GW were installed worldwide, showing an increase of 50% compared to the data of the previous year. At the top China, with 45% of the global share, the United States reached 19%, while Europe just 9%.

It is one of the discussion topics addressed at SolarPower Europe, a meeting that is taking place these days in Brussels, bringing together hundreds of companies operating in the sector. It addresses the problem of a growth that has not fully express its potential so far and looks for effective solutions to be deployed in the short term.

One of them may be represented by the revision of the duties related to the import of solar cells and modules from China, so as to promote the local market of installers and operators involved in management of the plants.
European leaders are encouraged to growth of “prosumer users”, i.e. those able to generate by themselves the energy needed to meet domestic needs, through the installation of panels on the roofs of houses and through storage systems.
Another way to get benefits in the medium/long term is to redefine the objectives to be achieved at the EU level regarding the issue of renewable sources: that is to raise the target for 2030, from 27% to 35%.
The important reduction of PV electricity costs could help recovery: we are now at about 0.06 €/kWh and within the next two years the figure could be further reduced by half, according to SolarPower forecasts, making thus PV much more convenient than other systems for energy production. Finally, Italy is among the countries that will contribute to the acceleration along with France and Germany, to end 2017 with a positive sign.

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