Storage Systems: 80 GW by 2025 for Emerging Markets

by Cristiano Ghidotti from GreenStyle

By 2025 emerging Countries will increase up to 40 times their energy storage capacity, exceeding the threshold of 80 GW. At the moment it is still about 2 GW. These are forecasts of a study conducted by Navigant Research and commissioned by the International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group, in partnership with the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program.

Evolution is essential for those territories, that in order to meet growing energy needs are increasingly focusing on the installation of plants using renewable sources like solar and wind. What emerges from the report is that the total energy output will double by 2020.

In 2035 the so-called “developing countries” will represent the 80% of global growth in production and consumption. The words of Philippe Le Houérou, CEO and executive vice president of IFC, are quite significant to understand how the global energy landscape will change: ” Storage technologies will be critical in the process of expansion of renewables, especially in remote and rural areas, where there are no infrastructure dedicated to the distribution and supply of energy. ”

We are talking about 1.2 billion people who are currently not connected to the electricity grid or for whom connection is hardly available.
Two of the Countries that are most affected by the phenomenon and that will use storage systems to significantly improve the quality of life of residents, are China and India. Also some countries of South America will benefit from this type of technology, especially Mexico, Chile and Brazil.

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