Bauz! Vienna Congress on Sustainable Buildings


The Bauz! Vienna Congress on Sustainable Building will take place at the Messe Congress Center in Vienna, Austria, on 15-17 February 2017 in the framework of the Bauen & Energie Wien exhibition.

The event’s motto is “What may change?”, referring to the 2015 Paris Agreement, i.e. the agreement on the decarbonization of the world economy by 2050. The event focuses on the upcoming changes in the area of planning and building in the years to come in order to reach this goal.

Among the issues covered:

Cooperation: The event will provide expertise from Finland on the already-advanced state of play there: BIM for buildings, city models above the level of buildings.
Developing locations: People, buildings, neighborhood is a comparable triple concept, with its individual components impacting one another in a circular fashion. Thinking in these circular terms is becoming ever-more important. The event includes contributions on the Swiss methodology field-tested in Austria, concepts from Vienna, and insights into the realities of urban planning in Mumbai.
Criteria for future-proof buildings: How can we identify whether a building can aptly fulfill its intended purpose? Building assessment systems endeavor to reach this goal, define requirements, and thus also become planning aids. The event provides attendees with the opportunity to listen to contributions from Vorarlberg and the Lake Constance area, and will deal with the operation of buildings and green infrastructure.
Thinking in life cycles: Whether it is about money, energy efficiency, CO2 emissions or the scenarios after the end of utilization: it is always the thinking in terms of life cycles that constitutes the more realistic option. The methods used to achieve this goal are in the process of brisk development. There will be presentations from Germany and Austria on this topic.
Learning from building operation: Monitoring makes a building “smart”. Experiences will be from Germany and Austria will be provided.
Beside the plenary discussions, there will be roundtables about green spaces, social free spaces, neighborhood assessment, new building criteria and prototypes, as well as building rehabilitation. The event includes architecture field visit to the main sites of the current Vienna urban expansion phase, as well as the Award ceremony of ÖGNB (Austrian Sustainable Building Council) and klimaaktiv.

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